Transition to Summer With Lululemon’s Perfect Shorts

Lululemon is simply put, one of the best clothing brands for active men out there. When the weather is cold, they make comfortable yet warming clothing. And when the sun is coming out, you can count on Lulu to provide some great items for whatever your needs. In many parts of the world, the summer is quickly approaching. Whether you are looking to go on a jog, go for a swim or go on a business meeting, there are two pairs of shorts from the team at Lululemon that can pretty much cover all of your bases.

The namaste at the beach short is a classic Lululemon clothing item. It is extremely comfortable, lightweight and versatile. Made of a four-way stretch lycra material, the shorts move with you so there’s never any awkward tugging at the wrong time. The result is a stylish short that can be worn for yoga, for a run or even for a swim. I’ve done all three and the shorts are pretty much perfect in each scenario.

On the other side of the spectrum, the 3rd street short can help you seamlessly transition from a dinner, or something a bit more formal, directly to the beach. Again, with four way stretch, these 7″ inseam shorts will move as does your lower body. The design is less of a swimsuit and more of a pair of chino shorts. However the material is about 100x more lightweight and comfortable than what you’d find on a typical pair of shorts. I’ve worn these in all types of scenarios and they are immediately becoming my favorite go-to shorts.

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men wearing lululemon’s t shirt and shorts

 lululemon’s shorts pocket

 lululemon’s shorts back side