Travelteq – All Leather Weekender

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The holidays are here and that means we’re traveling. Weekend trips or week -long vacations, we’re packing up and going somewhere. Rather than trying to convert your ratty gym bag into an acceptable piece of luggage, let’s class things up a bit and opt for the Travelteq Weekender bag instead. Handmade and crafted in Italy ( ooh, fancy) , this bag is all leather and all you need to schlep your sh*t during the holiday season. It may look a lil’ basic, but this handy dandy bag is spacious and comes with multiple compartments inside and outside of the bag to house all your goods. Simply put, the Travelteq Weekender will help you to look like a man about some business this travel season, which is always a good look. So leave the gym bag at home – you won’t be using that on vacation anyway. €895

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