Ultimate Guide to Shirt & Tie Combos

Like the men’s sock, the men’s tie is one of those garments that typically doesn’t dominate general discussions about style. Unlike the men’s sock, however, the tie really should get more attention because it’s far more visible and usually a modest fashion statement unto itself. Consider the power tie for example. Bold, monochromatic, and authoritative, the power tie perhaps more than any other garment represents the symbolic value of clothing distilled into one solitary item…pending a major potential caveat. That caveat, of course, is the fact that no tie is worth a symbolic grain of sand if it doesn’t match the shirt it’s sitting on. Couple your power tie with the wrong shirt and the only message conveyed is that you have absolutely no idea how to dress.

Yes, like two friends getting into a drunken brawl in the middle of a double date, the wrong shirt paired with the wrong tie simply makes the whole outfit fall apart. To avoid a fashion disaster, ensure that the prints and the patterns of the shirt and tie match perfectly. If you’re an outside-the-box type, at least get the shirt and tie combo basics down before going the experimental route. To do that, you can use the infographic below, which covers the shirt and tie combo in grand (albeit abridged) detail. And remember, just like two friends on a double date, the shirt and tie combo means initially avoiding risks, working together and having a lot of fun. We’ll pick things back up at the bottom.

matching tie shirt

The main takeaway is to avoid the over-pairing of loud patterns when it comes to any given shirt and tie combo. Sure, you might think joining that checkered shirt with a broad-striped tie is your claim to distinction, but everyone else just thinks you look like an out-of-work magician who’s always screwing up his act. As we said above, when it comes to the shirt and tie combo you should start basic and branch out from there. Also, we hope all you business types checked the “pro tips” section on the infographic because things like proportion count.

Ultimately, a unique tie is a great way to make an aesthetic statement about who you are, but the wrong shirt and tie combo makes the wrong statement. Whether you’re taking lunch meetings or going on double dates, when it comes to style it’s all about learning the basics first and getting creative second–only then will you be closing deals.

Source: Beckett Simonon

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