Unleash the Inner Wilderperson With Karekare Hair Tonic

Harnessing the awesome power of sea salt, Karekare Hair Tonic from Triumph & Disaster is a natural spray designed to exploit the ‘wilderpeople’ inside of us all. Karekare fuses natural salts and essential root extracts to deliver the definition of wild, dangerous hair. Karekare takes its name from the famous beach on New Zealand’s West Coast. Like the beach, your hair will be anything but dull and lifeless.

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The key ingredients of Karekare include Epsom Salt which activates curls by neutralising excessive negative charges on the surface of your hair’s keratin bringing it to its ideal pH point. The salts also work to remove excess oil from the scalp and clears any build-up of past hair products. Sea Beet is a root extract that possesses the ability to treat the hair from root to tip, increasing shine, volume and suppleness. It’s ideal for preventing oxidative stress premature hair ageing and hair loss. The New Zealand brand imports Willow Herb from Northern Canada as the final key ingredient that displays strong phytochemical and antioxidant properties great for acne-prone skin to reduce redness and irritation.

For a vibrant, textured look, spray into damp or dry hair, style and let dry. Head over to the Triumph & Disaster site to check out Karekare Hair Tonic and find a full rundown of techniques.

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