The Vuarnet Round Cable Car Sunglasses Were Designed After a Streetcar

French optician Roger Pouilloux started out in 1957 creating eyewear for the ski community. His sunglasses were worn by the French Ski Team, including alpine ski racer Jean Vuarnet. Vuarnet eventually won the gold medal in skiing at the 1960 Winter Olympics. He forged a friendship with Pouilloux, and the two joined forces to create the Vuarnet sunglasses brand.

Vuarnet continues their tradition of designing versatile sunglasses that provide exceptional protection against the damaging rays of the sun and are also a stylish fashion accessory. They just released their newest sunglasses, the Round Cable Car. These sunglasses are inspired by the famed cable cars found in Lisbon, Hong Kong and San Francisco. The design of the metal wire is similar in design to the cables used in the tramways.

vuarnet sunglasses temple view

The Round Cable Car Sunglasses were designed for individuals that love to travel. They are a modern take on a retro style. With their unique appearance, these shades will stand out from all of the other pairs of sunglasses that you own. They are were designed for daily use and available in a range of colors and surfaces to suit any wardrobe.

The Vuarnet Round Cable Car Sunglasses are available in pilot, rectangular and round shapes, making them perfect for a range of face shapes and sizes. They hug the face for a stylish look.

The Round Cable Car Sunglasses have reinforced hinges and a durable acetate and metal frame. They provide 100 percent protection from UV rays. A small cleaning cloth and matching leather designer case is included with the sunglasses.

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