Want Les Essentiels Takes a Refreshing Approach to Camo Goods

When you hear the word “camo” you might imagine various military shades of brown and green and a prototypical outdoor aesthetic. However, Canadian leather goods brand Want Les Essentiels takes a much sleeker approach. Their small range of camo goods emphasise the pattern as a visual study in tasteful shading. That is to say their camo wallets and bags are generally more suitable for luxury travel or the urban terrain rather than your next hunting trip or jungle adventure. Of course no matter where you take them you’ll be rocking some serious quality and style.

camo wallet

Being at heart a company that truly knows material, the camo goods from Want Les Essentiels are as much about construction as they are about aesthetic. For products like the remarkable Kenyatta Dopp Kit that means pairing Italian nylon, interior snap closures and magnetic side closures with a brilliantly splotchy camo pattern. And on the Bradley Bi Fold Wallet, the camo pattern employs a superb gradient effect over a refined leather base. Additional entries in the range–such as the passport cover, tote bags and backpack–similarly couple artistic camo patterns with premium leather and other quality materials.

camo leather bag

Ultimately, the camo goods from Want Les Essentiels explore the pattern to its fullest potential without compromising its visual essence. Couple that refreshing approach with the type of high end materials the brand is already known for and you have yourself an ironic paradigm: a pattern initially created to blend in is now drawing envious eyeballs from all directions. We don’t think you’ll mind.

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camo bag zipper

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