Watch for the Waves – Nixon Unit Tide

For the surfers out there, determining the ideal time to paddle out is part of the pursuit to finding the perfect wave. Nixon understands this struggle of surf prediction and has brought out the Nixon Unit Tide to tackle this. The design features a large graph displaying current tides and 48 hours of past and future tides. It’s the surfer’s soulmate with its custom digital module providing pre-programmed tide information for 270 beaches worldwide through to the year of 2023. So there’s always will be another alternative for your next surfing adventure. Alongside its large 45mm case, the Unit Tide has a free swing band, polycarbonate case, silicone bezel and molded silicone band locking looper for comfort and durability when chasing those waves. So surf in style this summer with this specialised timepiece sitting on your wrist as you ride the best waves on the planet.

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