Bausele’s New Terra Australis is The Most Australian Swiss Watch You’ll Ever Find

Short of making one out of Vegemite and putting it on the wrist of Hoges himself, you’ll have a hard time finding a watch more intrinsically Australian than this.

Born of Christophe Hoppe’s whacky dream to create a series of watches that could boast the same quality as a Swiss house of horology, but with distinctively Australian elements, the Terra Australia is his latest design. Featuring the hollow, glass-sealed crown filled with red sand from the Kimberley or yellow sand from Collaroy beach, a unique touch that makes all of his watches especially Aussie, there’s also an additional ingredient in Hoppe’s design for the Terra Australias which celebrate’s his adopted country’s scientific ingenuity.

bausele swiss watch gold

Designed in collaboration with Flinders University, the case of the Terra Australis is made out of the aptly named Bauselite, a hardened ceramic which has been specially made for Christophe’s needs. Other ceramics used in watch construction aren’t always ideal for their purpose. Working in unison with the University’s Centre for NanoScale Science & Technology, Bauselite has taken three years to develop. Similar to ceramic, it is lightweight, but allows for more accurate modelling and suffers less shrinkage during production. It also yields very little wastage, making it more environmentally friendly than other similar watchmaking materials.

“This is more than a simple collaboration where they create the material and sell it to us. We are pushing it to the next level with the creation of a company together” says Hoppe, of his forward-thinking collaboration with Flinders.

bausele swiss watch silver color

Priced at AU $4,850, this is the company’s first dabble in the higher-end luxury marketplace, but given the quality, attention to detail and straight-up originality of this line, it’s hard to imagine people not getting excited and happily splashing cash on these timepieces. The company also offers a customisation tool online, where you can order the exact combination of colour, dial, strap, stitching, details etc that you desire.

The watches are all made in Switzerland, but can be customised in Australia using Swiss parts, keeping the quality high whilst making the customisation process super accessible, with a quick turnaround for the customer.

Each of the four signature designs are limited to 50 pieces, but custom pieces will still be available once these have sold out, which we think will happen pretty damn quickly.

Check it out

bausele swiss watch back side steel

bausele swiss watch side design

bausele swiss watch leather strap

bausele swiss watch side view

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