Bear Grylls Teams with Luminox on Survival Collection Watch

You may or may not be willing to do some of the things that Bear Grylls suggests you do in survival situations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be properly equipped for any situation. Luminox is offering the Bear Grylls Survival collection timepiece, which they claim was “designed to help you survive.”

Luminox BEAR GRYLLS collection

“We’re so excited to announce our new partnership with Bear Grylls,” said Luminox on social media. “He is the world’s most recognized face in adventure, having spent his career in the wild, navigating some of the most extreme landscapes on earth and coming out of the most dangerous situation alive and unharmed. The Bear Grylls Survival Collection consists of watches for every Luminox environment—SEA, AIR (launching mid 2020) and LAND. All these watches have features exclusively specified by Bear himself to make them useful for all your adventures.”

Luminox BEAR GRYLLS strap

According to Luminox, the watch has something for everyone in every type of survival situation. “Whether it’s the countdown dive zone on the Sea watch, the walking speed scale or paracord strap on the Land, or SOS in Morse code on the 300-meter water resistant Master series, these timepieces will be your trusty companions and help you conquer any conditions.” Grylls is pretty excited about adding his name to the Luminox family. “I’ve been wearing Luminox since my early adventuring days,” says the survival expert, “so it’s great to now be a part of the family.”

Luminox BEAR GRYLLS back view

The collection includes eight watches, with the first six already released and plans for the last two to be released in August. Each of the watches is water resistant up to at least 200 meters. The cases are made from Carbonox, a carbon-based material proprietary to Luminox. The watches all sport the iconic Luminox luminous dial indices that utilize gas tubes to deliver a constant glow in any light condition. The watches are powered by a Swiss-made analog quartz movement. And with a final nod to Grylls, the watches all boast his logo and motto, “Never Give Up,” on the dial and on the case back.

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Luminox BEAR GRYLLS inside the box