Bremont Looks to the Jaguar D-Type to Inspire Their New Watch

Who’s to argue with using one of the most iconic vehicles of our time as inspiration for a work of art? That’s what Bremont did for their latest watch, the Jaguar D-Type Watch. Down to the smallest details, this watch reflects the D-Type.

d type bremont watch

If we’re talking about small details, then let’s start with the crown. Bremont went through the painstaking process of etching the crown with the original Dunlop tyre tread, and even went so far as to place the heritage Jaguar logo in enamel on the end of the crown. The dial also stays true to the D-Type, using brushed nickel sub-dials reminiscent of the D-Type’s gauge cluster. The dials are set in a blue dial with a Tachymeter dial ring.

The watch measures 43mm and features a finished three-piece Trip-Tick case. Bremont opted for their BE-50AE mechanical movement and added in a Jaguar steering wheel inspired rotor. The watch is finished off with a 22mm blue Jaguar leather strap. Water resistant to 10 ATM, the watch has a 42-hour power reserve. As an added detail, each leather packaging for the watch is individually signed by Ian Callum, Jaguar’s Director of Design.

bremont jaguar watch

The watch will be limited to only 300 examples priced individually at GBP£5,495.

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Bremont Jaguar D-Type Watch

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