Casio’s New G-Steel Connected Modernizes Functionality of a Trusted Watch

Casio’s new G-Steel Connected takes the proven capabilities of the G-shock watch and brings it into the 21st century. The watch features the components and functions characteristic of the G-shock watches, but the watch’s ability to link to a smartphone, however, is its key selling point. Exact time is set four times a day, using your smartphone to identify the time. You can even display the time of any of 300 cities worldwide by selecting the city on your phone. The time will then be displayed on one of the inset dials on the watch.

When traveling, as you cross time zones, the watch will automatically update to the new time. The internal data of the watch also keeps an eye on regulations governing time around the world, such as Daylight Savings Time. With these functions, you’ll never have to wonder if your watch is accurate or not. And when you need to know what time it is back home, simply press a button on the app, and the main dial will switch back. Battery charge is also monitored on the app, so if you’re out of the light for a time, you’ll be able to track how much time you have left on a charge. And finally, for those who have a hard time keeping track of your phone, the G-Steel Connected has a phone finder feature that sounds an alert after you press a button on the watch—even if the phone has been silenced.

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