Childhood Memories Spawned the HM7 Aquapod Ti Green

The HM7 Aquapod Ti Green by MB&F was actually inspired by a family vacation to the beach. A then young Maximilian Busser encountered a jellyfish. Years later, that encounter inspired a three-dimensional watch powered by tentacles. Just as a jellyfish uses its tentacles to capture its food, the HM7 is powered by the tentacle-like automatic winding rotor. Another similarity between the jellyfish and the watch is the jellyfish’s radially symmetric ring of neurons that it uses for a brain. In the watch, it’s radially symmetric rings that display the hours and minutes. The flying tourbillon that regulates the power generated by the rotor closely mimics the appearance of a jellyfish. And one final similarity, just like many jellyfish, the HM& glows in the dark (its numerals, markers, and along the segments of the winding rotor).

hm7 aquapod ti green top view

The three-dimensionality of the watch allows you to truly appreciate the movement. Where most watches hide that movement in the case and behind the face, in the HM7 the movement is front and center—or more appropriately, top and center. In full light, you can see the gears moving, while in the dark the three panels of AGT Ultra lume illuminate the tourbillon. Like dive watches—the HM7 isn’t actually a dive watch, despite its looks—the HM7 has a rotating bezel. But rather than being part of the watch, the bezel floats free of the case.

Inspired by a child’s imagination, the HM7 will captivate adults as well.

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