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CIGA Design Blue Planet Gilding Version | Image: CIGA Design

CIGA Design’s New Blue Planet Gilding Version Watch Goes Dark in the Best Way

In Partnership with CIGA Design

Chinese watchmaker CIGA Design upended all kinds of expectations when its stunning Blue Planet took home the coveted Grand Prix d’Horlogie de Genève (GPHG) prize in 2021. Now the brand is back to redefine possibility once again with the latest iteration of its mechanical watch series U Blue Planet. Dubbed the Gilding Version, it gives the once-blue-and-silver interface a sleek makeover of black and gold with high-grade materials to match. Best of all, you can sore one for USD$100 off when you use the code CIGA2023 between now and 15 April.

Ciga design blue planet 4 2

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet | Image: CIGA Design

A Heritage of Excellence

The new Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet – Gilding Version finds the brand drawing upon all its experience and expertise to kick off the next chapter in its distinguished legacy. Each gilding dial features a topographical layout of 24k gold and takes over 68 hours to create, representing a striking technical achievement unto itself. It comes joined by a new high-temperature ceramic material and strap to round out the piece’s material mastery and unmistakable aesthetic.

Redefining Tradition

Whereas the original “Blue Planet” was a benchmark timepiece—and the first-ever Chinese watch to win the prestigious GPHG—the new model seamlessly picks up where its predecessor left off. It likewise features non-synchronous tracking technology movement, a revolutionary innovation that allows the hour hand 30° and the minute hand to turn 390° so as to simulate the rotation of the earth. This feature previously challenged and transformed tradition by telling time in a radical way and now it does so again on the latest model.

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CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet | Image: CIGA Design

A Stylish Makeover

Representing another carry-over from preceding Blue Planet watches, the Gilding Version employs a three-dimensional carved gold micro-landscape dial with meticulous topographical etchings. This time around, however, the familiar colours of blue and silver have been swapped out for black and 24k gold. As a direct result, the piece takes on a sleek and luxurious sheen that doubles as a bold style statement. If the original Blue Planet cultivated a daylight aura, the new model imparts a mysterious and adventurous nighttime vibe.

A Masterpiece of Material

Thanks to the use of a high-temperature technical ceramic material on the case and strap, meanwhile, the Gilding Version delivers a natural luminosity and smooth feel. CIGA Design is also offering the piece with a fluoro rubber strap as a casual counterpart to the business-minded ceramic strap. Both feature a butterfly clasp so as to drive home the wearability and comfort across a host of activities and terrains. Speaking of wearability, the watch comes protected by a sapphire crystal dome with water-resistance to 3 ATM.

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CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series U Blue Planet | Image: CIGA Design

It’s Evolution Baby

Just as the planet and its people evolve, so too does CIGA Design and their heralded Blue Planet watch collection. With the new Gilding Version, an already formidable and convention-defying timepiece takes on an even bolder dimension. The use of 24k gold only draws further attention to the dial’s meticulous micro-landscape etchings, which include mountains and other topographic details. That’s not to mention the high-grade ceramic or the downright mind-bending timekeeping system. This is a perfect gift for any watch lover and it’s available for USD$100 off when you use the code CIGA2023 between now and 15 April. Behold the evolution.

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