Circa Smart Alarm Clock Actually Helps Improve Your Sleeping

Most alarm clocks only serve one purpose—to wake you up. The Circa Smart Alarm Clock actually helps you sleep better. While it looks like any digital alarm clock, Circa offers much more. Using a sleep sensor that you keep under you mattress, Circa monitors and analyzes your sleep. By detecting movement and respiration, Circa determines what sleep cycle you are in. Once it knows what cycle you’re in, Circa can then wake you up at the optimum moment to ensure that you feel rested. Other alarm clocks rely solely on a predetermined time, regardless of what your body is experiencing. Instead, because Circa is monitoring how you are sleeping, it can pick the best time to wake you up in a timeframe of 30 minutes before your alarm is set.

circa smart alarm clock on the table

Circa can also pair with smarthome features, like connected lights and thermostats. In this way, Circa helps create restful environment for you to sleep, and then a cycle to coax you into being awake, rather than a jarring alarm. Circa also features a high quality speaker so that you can enjoy your music, radio, or even just white noise.

circa smart alarm clock sleep overview

Finally, Circa tracks your sleep to provide long-term information on your sleep. This data can help you adjust your routine so that it matches both your schedule and your natural tendencies. A part of that routine could be Circa’s Breathing Assistant, which can help you slow your breathing and ease you into a restful state.

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