Form Follows Function in the New Junghans’ “Maximum Minimal” Max Bill

Uhrenfabrik Junghans was founded in Germany over 150 years ago. In that time the storied watch-makers have perfected the art of precision and design. That fact rings true one hundred times over for the max bill model – Maximum Minimal.

 junghans watch gold color

The minimalist arrangement and choice of additional features – selected only for their necessary purpose – creates a creative direction which has become almost standard for Junghans. This watch can be compared to Bauhaus architecture. Think of high ceilings, light-flooded rooms, and less obtrusive interiors. Space is of the utmost importance and that is reflected in all designs.

The same can be said of the max bill, this watch has a reserved design which has given it the necessary space to show off all it has to offer. The soft gold shade of the case, the plane dial in light grey, subtle hands that direct your attention to fine lines and numerals… this watch really is a work of art. The minimalist qualities masterfully bring this timepiece to life while keeping with the motto “form follows function,” a phrase that ensures all of Junghans’ works are maximized for performance before being augmented.

A thin leather strap, small gold frame, and refined markings allow this watch to almost appear “delicate,” but its precision necessitates a demand for power as well. Definitely more of a statement than a reservation, this watch knows what it is and will speak to that on the wrist of any wearer.

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