G-Shock GMB2100 Full Metal

At Long Last, the Stainless Steel CasiOak is a Reality

It’s only been a few short years since G-SHOCK unveiled its 2019 GA2100 release, but the watch has already become a favourite among the brand’s fans. Taking the template of the first G-SHOCK , the DW5000, the brand upgraded it for a new, younger audience, moving the GA2100, otherwise known as the CasiOak, into cult status territory, but that wasn’t enough to stop fans from asking for more. Building on that success, Casio has upped its game again and finally delivered the G-SHOCK watch we’ve been begging for. This new release retains the same sleek profile and iconic ‘CasiOak’ octagonal shape but adds a bucket-load of new features and most importantly, a stunning stainless steel case.

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G-Shock GMB2100 Full Meta

G-Shock GMB2100 D-1A | Image: G-Shock

If you’re wondering why the watch collecting community dubbed the GA2100 the ‘CasiOak’, the answer is quite straightforward. The watch, with a new redesigned eight-sided case, drew comparisons to Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak – a luxury watch out the reach of many. Fans were offered an affordable contemporary watch, famed for its rugged endurance, that shared design cues with a legendary Swiss sports watch. Of course, it was going to be a winner.

The GA2100 line has had another facelift, with the three models in the new GMB1200 line presenting a more grown-up aesthetic. The elements that we loved – the octagonal case, analogue dial layout and durability – are still there. But this new reinterpretation adds a full stainless steel case, a solar-powered movement and the latest Bluetooth-enabled features. Don’t worry, it’s still surprisingly slim and comfortable to wear.

G-Shock GMB2100BD-1A

G-Shock GMB2100BD-1A | Image: G-Shock

The new models feature a case 44mm in diameter and made from stainless steel. It’s a beefed-up version of the popular resin-cased CasiOak, but at 12.8mm is still the slimmest full-metal G-SHOCK to date. That higher-end and more luxury aesthetic is reinforced with the matching steel bracelet and exquisite dial. And as you’d expect from a watch that aims to push boundaries, it also features the most up-to-date functionality – this includes Bluetooth connectivity to G-SHOCK’s smartphone app and Tough Solar charging.

G-SHOCK fanboys will be in their element with this new release, particularly when presented with three impressive variations. The plain stainless steel model is equipped with an understated and blacked-out dial, while the black ion-plated watch goes full stealth mode. For those wanting to flex, there’s an eye-catching bright rose gold piece that adds flair to a watch that already has style and functionality. Due for release in August 2022, the latest CasiOak could be the brand’s most popular octagonal watch yet.

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G-Shock 2100 Series GMB2100D-1A, GMB2100BD-1A, GMB2100GD-5A

Diameter: 44mm
Height: 12.8mm
Bracelet: Stainless Steel
Case: Stainless Steel
Movement: Tough Solar
Water Resistance: 00M
Price: AUD$999 – $1099


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