G-Shock G-Lide Series Stays at the Edge of Extreme

The G-Shock G-Lide Series keeps with the tradition of an unbreakable watch. In 1983, the first G-Shock watches came out of the idea of creating a “Triple 10” watch—10-year battery life, 10-bar water resistance, and 10-meter dropping shock resistance. G-Lide carries the tag line of being for extreme sports.

Based on the case of the GAX-100, the G-Lide are both analog and digital, giving you easy access to the information you need. The G-Lide comes in two models—the GAX-100MSA, and the GAX-100MSB. Both feature semi-transparent resin for their bodies and bands. Aside from the analog and digital watch functions, they also feature a dial at 10:00 that is an analog tide graph for the surfers. Moon data and temperature measurements are also shared, keeping you on the waves at the best times.

The G-Lide is shock and magnetic resistant and can go to 200 meters below water. Aside from moon, tide, and temperature information, the watch also shows world time with 31 time zones (48 cities plus coordinated universal time), daylight savings, and home city/world time city swapping. The stopwatch measures in elapsed time, split time, and first and second place times. There are five daily alarms as well as a full auto calendar. The watch has an approximate battery life of three years and will stay accurate within plus or minus 15 seconds per month. The G-Lide is also light, weighing in at only 73 grams.

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