Goodspeed’s Sonoma Watch Revives the Analog Experience

The world is becoming increasingly digital, and while that brings a lot of good, it also loses some of the magic of bygone eras. Goodspeed Watches is bringing back that analog vibe while not sacrificing the benefits of digital age with their Sonoma watch—“a vintage styled watch with modern components at an affordable price.”

Goodspeed is dedicated to providing affordable chronographs to the world. Inspired by the analog experience of the golden age of motorsports, Goodspeed created Sonoma. The name comes from a racecourse in California. Remaining true to its analog aesthetic, the Sonoma’s case design is rarely used. Called a tonneau case, it is made of 316L stainless steel that has a sunray brushing (a style of brushing that creates a pattern that radiates out from the center, like the rays emanating from the sun). The sides of the case are also polished, giving the watch a refined look. The dial, much like vintage race cars, is kept simple, using only what is needed. There are two sub-dials—one that measures the time of day in seconds and another that serves a minute chronograph. The lumes are vintage styled and serve to mark the minutes and hours.

Goodspeed Sonoma Watch

The Sonoma watch comes in two movements. The mechanical movement uses a Seagull ST-1091 mechanical movement that is hand wound and has a Sapphire crystal. The quartz movement is based around the Miyota 6S21 quartz movement with a mineral crystal. Without actually looking inside the case—which is done via the screw-down case back—the only way to tell the different watches apart is by the etching on the back; otherwise, everything else is exactly identical. The Sonoma comes in four different colorways; stainless steel with a black bezel, stainless steel with a “Pepsi” bezel, black PVD coated stainless steel with a black bezel and black PVD stainless steel with the “Pepsi” bezel. All the watches come with a black Italian leather racing strap. For an additional investment, you can get stainless steel or a black PVD stainless steel bracelet.

Goodspeed Sonoma Watch back view

Goodspeed will only be making 400 of each of the mechanical and quartz movement watches. If vintage racing and that analog feel mean anything to you, you’ll want to move quickly to pick one up.

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