Haveston’s Travel Stowage Roll Keeps Watch Straps Organized

A watch collection can quickly get out of hand if you don’t keep an eye on things. Finding a way to properly store and even display your different watches is a must—especially with your more expensive models. You don’t want to just throw them in a drawer. But while many collectors find attractive and even innovative ways to display their watches, few give any thought to how they care for the accompanying strap collection.

Instead, in the recesses of that drawer, there’s a nest of straps all tangled together. And should you find yourself travelling and needing to take your extra straps with you for different occasions, those straps will inevitably get jumbled up in your suitcase. Haveston’s Travel Stowage Roll for Watches keeps your watches and straps conveniently and safely organised.

haveston travel for watches

The M6 Strap Stowage Roll—SSR—is made of canvas, in reference to the vintage wartime canvas rolls used to carry tools and other odds and ends. For the M6, Haveston used 20-ounce cotton canvas. The flexible nature of the canvas allows for the roll to be used for over 30 straps that are up to 330mm long. The closure straps have an extended length to allow for differing sizes in loads, keeping any number of straps safe.

The canvas has been dyed in “late war” OD#7 “Olive Drab” colour, evoking even more of a military feel. The SSR has panels that are generously sized, and can be closed using the quick-ties or using the period correct ladder buckle.

Each roll is hand-made, and while it is intended for watch straps, it could easily be used for any number of other projects. The roll is priced at USD$45.35.

If you’ve invested a lot into your watch collection, maybe you should show some love to your straps as well.

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