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Heist Watch Cleaning Kit Maintains Your Most Prized Possession

I guarantee that when you purchase that luxury watch you’ve been dreaming of the last thing on your mind is how you go about cleaning it. Designed in Australia by watch and jewellery lovers, Heist’s vision is to help watch owners take a little more pride in their most prized possessions.

Tested by members of the watch industry, Heist is your one-stop watch & jewellery cleaner that will remove dirt, grime and build up, so your watch or jewellery shines like new again. In just minutes, Heist will have your bling looking as good as new.

The reasonably priced Heist kit includes an 80ml bottle of cleaning solution, a premium micro fabric cleaning cloth and a soft cleaning wand for those hard to reach places.

To use, simply spray the cleaning solution directly onto the watch. Allow it to soak for 60 seconds before gently rubbing away dirt and grime. Use the wand on the hard to reach areas and give your timepiece a final polish with the same cleaning cloth. It’s that simple.

Note: Heist cleaning solution is only suitable for water-resistant watches.

The Heist Premium Watch & Jewellery Cleaning Kit is available now for $34.95. Aussies can take advantage of free shipping.

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