Hemel Continues Supporting the Military with the HFT20 Night Ops

Microbrand watch maker Hemel has found success in focusing on military style watches. Their watches are based on the Type 20 pilot watches popular in the 1950s. Their newest watch, the HFT20 Night Ops, continues that trend while living up to its stealthy name.

hemel watch

The HFT20 comes in at a slimmed down 13mm thick and the more standard 42mm wide. The stealth of the model is accomplished by the black colour, which is courtesy of the black ion-plated case. The watch features a sapphire crystal face. For the bezel, you can choose between a ceramic timing bezel that has markings from 1 to 60, or a steel 12-hour bezel that lets you track a second time zone using markings from 1 to 12.

The markings of the watch all glow with SuperLumiNova. The insides of the HFT20 feature the Seiko VK64 meca-quartz movement. With a sweeping seconds hand, the quartz movement closely simulates a mechanical movement. The HFT20 is also water resistant up to 100 metres. You may not be going on secret missions often—or at all—but this is one watch that would fit in with the rest of your gear if you were.

Hemel will be marketing the Night Ops watch for USD$450, but they will also donate a percentage of each sale to a non-profit organization that serves military veterans and their families.

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