Hodinkee 2020 Watch Strap Collection Completes Your Wardrobe

Hodinkee has become the go-to source for all things watches, and 2020 looks to continue that trend, especially with Hodinkee’s new watch strap collection. The Cooper Collection features straps made out of English Bridle leather, and comes eight different styles.

Hodinkee 2020 lined copper watch strap burgundy

Ranging in price from $155 to $165, the straps are all made from leather sourced from North American cattle. The leather is vegetable oak tanned and are very dense and non-porous. The leather is submitted to a “hot stuffing” process that involves soaking the leather with natural waxes and oils. Once saturated, the leather is more resistant to humidity, sweat, and general use. Unlike other leather straps that will eventually dry out and crack, leather put through the labor-intensive hot stuffing process doesn’t stretch or break apart. Instead, it stays pliable and comfortable, making it a pleasure to wear. This same process is used for English Bridle leather used on saddles and harnesses for this exact reason. “We’ve sold a countless number of straps over the years,” says Hodinkee, “but the general consensus in the office is that the Cooper might just be the most hardwearing strap we’ve ever had.”

Hodinkee 2020 lined copper watch strap dark

Hodinkee is offering both lined and unlined versions of the Cooper strap in light brown, dark brown, burgundy, and black. Each has a unique look to it that matches with better with different styles of watches and with different outfits. Fortunately, changing the strap of your watch is a simple process. Despite the simplicity of doing so, however, the change can be dramatic, taking your favorite watch from everyday wear to formal attire. And as the Cooper collection of straps age, they take on even more character, making them even more handsome and desirable. If you can swing it, picking up the whole collection will give you a complete wardrobe—all with the same base watch.

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Hodinkee 2020 watch strap dark brown

Hodinkee 2020 unlined copper watch strap burgundy