The Porsche-Design Huawei Smartwatch Brings Porsche Engineering to Your Wrist

When you think about it, fine automobiles are collective marvels of design and engineering. There are many different gadgets and inventive ideas put into each new model of vehicle, many of which could stand alone as other products. So when you consider Huawei Smartwatch was originally inspired by the dashboard of Porsches, it all makes sense: a modern, high-tech watch borne out of the fantastic design, power and grace of a high-end sports car.

porsche huawei black smartwatch

But it’s more than just the look of the Huawei Smartwatch where you see the Porsche influence in full effect. There is a ceramic speedometer bezel and a one touch chronograph that is directly influenced by the convenient technology in the Porsche’s interior. The high-quality DLC finish watch case is resistant to most casual and serious abrasions. The leather watch strap is both skin friendly and comfortable and there are a variety of smartwatch functions, from a real time heart monitor to a scientific running coach with GPS tracking to a V02 Max measurement. The Huawei Smartwatch can even make calls and pay for items by connecting to your bank account wirelessly, with WiFi or Bluetooth, and is water resistant up to IP68. Plus, you can wear it for two days straight without having to put it on a charge.

Once you have the Huawei Smartwatch, you’ll only need a Porsche to go with it.

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