The Huawei Watch 2 is Australia’s first 4G Sim-Enabled Smartwatch

Huawei has launched Australia’s first 4G sim-enabled smartwatch, and it’s exclusive to the Vodafone network.

The Huawei Watch 2 features standalone connectivity so you can step away from your phone while on a run or even a night out and still have access to near full functionality. The SIM and built-in GPS chip allow calls and texts and the usage of essential apps like Uber and Facebook Messenger without Bluetooth. Dual-mic noise cancellation ensures clear and stable calls, while the integrated antennae on the upper watch case enhances 4G, GPS, Wi-fi, Bluetooth and NFC connectivity. Powered by Android Wear 2.0, the watch integrates Google assistant, voice commands, Android Pay and a multitude of companion apps to suit your lifestyle perfectly.

huawei watch 2 wearing in the hand

Huawei Watch 2 promotes day-to-day healthy living.  The Daily Tracking App can accurately track users’ daily steps, distance travelled, speed, heart-rate, calories and record time spent on medium and high-intensity exercise. After each run, the watch automatically generates a report that advises on recovery time and training effects. Huawei Watch 2 can also track users’ favourite exercise routes and add music to the workout regime – playing from a local music library or cached tracks on third party apps.

huawei watch 2 phone call system

The watch features a classic design that integrates smart features and sports functions while maintaining a stylish look. The high-definition display is customisable with multiple watch face designs, simultaneously allowing users to personalise their device while also getting quick access to favourite apps. Built with Corning Gorilla Glass and IP68 Water & Dust Resistance, the watch is designed for comfort and fit during exercise and is smaller and more compact that than the first generation of Huawei Watch.

huawei watch 2 memory card slot

The 420mAH battery is optimised for longer life and delivers around 2 days of “typical usage”, around 10 hours of “Training Mode” and 3 weeks in “Watch Mode.” You can pick one up from Vodafone for $599 on August 16th.

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huawei watch 2 back stainless steel

huawei watch 2 different models

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