Hublot Classic Fusion and Orlinski Create a Born Wild Masterpiece

French artist Richard Orlinski has built a reputation for works that use contemporary materials and have a faceted look. The artist has been a creative partner with Hublot since 2017.

His work builds on the concept of Born Wild, which focuses on the idea that violence in nature is vital, but it can be transformed into positive emotions. The partnership between Hublot and Orlinski brings that style and message to a watch, literally making a masterpiece that you can wear.

hublot orlinksi

“The fusion of our two universes—that of Hublot who takes precious materials to create exceptional products, and my own bright world of colour inspired by Pop art—came about quite spontaneously, almost naturally,” explains Orlinski. While it may have seemed that way for the artist, being able to recreate his distinctive style took some work for Hublot.

“Its three-dimensional silhouette,” explains Ricardo Guadalupe, Hublot CEO, “meant completely redesigning the construction of the case, whose facets have been extended to all the contours of the bezel.”

hublot watch

The partnership has resulted in a number of different watches as Orlinski and Hublot continue working together. Each watch, however, is a fine representation of Orlinski’s Born Wild style and Hublot’s commitment to producing the best watches.

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