The Icon Deusey is Truly Timeless

Icon 4×4 is known for refurbishing old vehicles, from FJ Land Rovers to classic cars and trucks, as custom builds, maintaining their timelessness in how they drive along with their overall style. So then why are they suddenly pivoting and releasing a wrist watch called the Icon Duesey, a sleek, minimalist time piece that will catch anyone’s eye?

icon black watch

Because it’s indicative of what they do as a company. The story behind the Duesey is synonymous with the story of Icon—that the founder Jonathon Ward who set out to revive the old car restoration industry is also a vintage watch collector and drew a lot of his inspiration from old watches and their designs. So as the redesigned vehicles Icon produced over the past few decades grew in popularity, Ward began to create his own idea for a watch, through countless sketches, models and samples. After hundreds of hours, he managed to produce his own one hundred percent original wrist watch, from bezel to buckle, manufactured in Switzerland where the best watches in the world are built.

As the vehicles Icon builds are custom and timeless, so then is the Icon Deusey. Ward will only be producing fifty of these watches total, making them arguably the rarest and most unique in the world.

Check it out

icon black watch leather strap

icon black watch round shape crown

icon black watch without hands

icon black watch grey

icon black watch side view

icon watch crystal display

wearing icon watch in hand driving car

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