It’s Adventure Time with the Casio WSD-f30

Casio is releasing their WSD-f30, a new sports watch meant for the techy adventurist. The watch comes housed in a case that meets military grade protection specs, so you’ll be wearing this watch everywhere without having to worry about treating it delicately. It’s also water resistant (up to 50 meters). The watch is a beefy one, measuring 49.1mm x 53.8mm x 14.9mm—as far as smartwatches go, the WSD-f30 is the big kid on the block.

casio wsd watch display

And it is a smartwatch. The WSD-f30 comes equipped with the latest version of Google’s Wear OS. Wear allows you to download apps from the Play Store while using the iPhone or the Android. If you’re stuck trying to figure out which apps to load, no need to worry. The watch comes with apps already preloaded, including Zombies Run, Hole19, and MySwimPro—each of these apps have been optimized for the watch, which means they’ll run better on the WSD-f30 than on other gear that uses the Wear OS. WSD-f30 also comes with mapping technology. Again, no worries here. It’s not Google Maps that the watches use; instead, Casio has their own mapping tech.

casio wsd side view

The WSD-f30 comes with three different battery modes. Depending on which mode you’re using, your battery life will vary. The watch comes in black, orange, or blue. The 1.2-inch dual layer display has a 390×390 resolution, making it easier to use the watch for your different activities.

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navigation locator casio wsd

back view casio wsd watch

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