Jaquet Droz Debuts the Magic Lotus Automaton

Even by Jaquet Droz’s standards, the new Magic Lotus Automaton is an impressive feat. Culling inspiration from the natural world, it features an animated Zen garden on the hand-painted white mother-of-pearl dial. Emerging from the tapestry of fauna and flora is a refined onyx subdial, reminding the wearer that this is indeed a watch. Of course, it’s also just as much a work of art, not to mention one that will drop jaws and draw eyeballs alike.

Jaquet Droz MAGIC LOTUS AUTOMATONEpic in scope and meditative in aesthetic, the new Magic Lotus Automaton represents a symphony of exquisite detail. It comes with a 43mm case in either 18-karat red gold or 18-karat white gold and hosts an 18-karat white and yellow gold applied ring. Features include a push-button triggering mechanism, which activates the animated pond, carp, and lotus flower. Under the skin is self-winding mechanical hours and minutes movement, with a power reserve of 68 hours.


Ultimately, no amount of words can do the Magic Lotus Automaton justice. One look is really all it takes to fall in love with Jaquet Droz’s magnificent timepiece, presuming you have a taste for unconventional horology. More than a watch, this is a visual masterpiece.

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