Junghans Max Bill MEGA is a Watch for a Renaissance Man

The Junghan’s Max Bill MEGA celebrates a modern Renaissance Man—Max Bill. The idea of a Renaissance Man stems from historical figures like Leonardo Da Vinci, who excelled in several different areas. Max Bill was just such a man. Bill was known for his work as an architect, artist, painter, typeface designer, industrial designer, and graphic designer. Bill was also involved in the community, serving as a member of the Swiss National Council and being elected as a member of the Zurich municipal council.

Bill was from Switzerland—he was born in Winterhur but lived a large part of his life in Zurich—and as you may imagine, he loved watches. When he died, he left behind a pretty large and fascinating watch collection. As an architect, precision was everything to Bill. As a designer, the appearance of the watch also mattered. The Max Bill MEGA is a watch that would have appealed to this modern Renaissance Man. The MEGA has a minimalist design, similar to much of Bill’s works. The stainless steel housing holds a radio-controlled movement. The convex, plexiglass glass has a special coating for enhanced scratch resistance. The watch face features the date and minute and hour hands that are matt silver-plated with environmentally friendly luminous substance. The MEGA is available with four bands—a milanaise bracelet with a safety steel buckle, and a calf skin strap with a stainless steel buckle in three colors.

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