This is Not a Sex Toy – Hodinkee’s Silver Spring Bar Tool

Nowadays, it’s trendier to change your watch straps than change your watch. But what if you’re travelling and you don’t want to fork out cash just to switch a strap for one outing? Hodinkee have a heavy-duty, Silver Spring bar tool so you don’t have to! About 6cm long, the two end caps unscrew to reveal a two tips. The forked tip lets you release that spring for your everyday watch strap, while the pointed tip makes fixing bracelet links or switching out old watch straps simple. Coming in a brown leather flap case, this is perfect for your quick watch strap fixes when you travel, to further protect your tool from damage. This is a cool tool for the modern watch appreciator.

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hodinkee handheld power drill

hodinkee leather strap

hodinkee watch spring bar tool