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King Seiko Revives the Iconic KSK

When the pandemic first hit, isolation didn’t seem like such a bad thing, but as it wore on, that same separation from the rest of the world got to be a bit difficult. Sometimes, though, solitude can be a good thing. Take, for instance, Japanese watchmaker Seiko. Because they were separated from Europe, arguably the Mecca of watchmaking, Seiko had to approach things in a different way than anyone had ever seen before – a result that led to some amazing pieces, such as the King Seiko KSK. Subsequently, Grand Seiko was established in 1960 using the Suwa Seikosha factory, with King Seiko coming along a year later in the Daini Seikosha factory. Over the years, the two competed against each other, and even rose to win medals in the Neuchatel Observatory Competitions. It’s from that very race that we get the KSK.

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King Seiko is re-releasing the KSK for today’s market. Matching the first version in almost every detail, the watch comes with a flat dial featuring faceted indexes. The hands are sharply edged and there is a date window at three o’clock. The crystal has a box shape, and those flat planes are matched in the lugs. All the features are treated to a Zaratsu polishing, resulting in a distortion-free mirror finish. A super hard coating helps to protect against scratches and other damage.

The watch comes in a champagne silver color with gold hands and hour markers. A black leather strap was chosen for the watch, and the buckle is a faithful recreation of the original. The case back bears the King Seiko name as well as the shield design originally features on the original KSK. It also reports that the watch offers five bars of water resistance. Finally, you’ll find the number of the watch—only 1,700 examples will be made. The new King Seiko KSK re-issue is available at selected Seiko boutiques and other retail partners.

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