Le Corbusier Inspired Rado True Thinline Les Coulueres

Throughout history, many people have taken on new names as they started out their careers and endeavors. One such individual was Charles-Edouard Jeanneret. Jeanneret chose the name “Le Corbusier,” which was a play on his maternal grandmother’s name, “Lecorbesier.” Jeanneret first used the name in 1920 in the first edition of L’Esprit Nouveau. Le Corbusier made a career experimenting in urban planning, but is perhaps best known for developing the Architectural Polychromy system. That system stands as the bassi for Rado’s True Thinline Les Couleurs line of watches.

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The Polychromy system was developed to provide designers and architects with a palette of colors that had known psychological, visual, and emotional effects. The system allowed the colors to combined together without having clashes. A total of 63 colors make up the system, which are organized into “keyboards” of optimum visual harmonies. Rado used nine of these colors to create their new line of watches. The True Thinline collection consists of ceramic-cased, ultra-thin watches. The thinlines use a flat quartz caliber. Rado provides details on the colors, so you can look them up and find out what the intended visual impact is. For instance, Yellow 4320 was never intended to be a primary color in the system when it comes to architecture, but rather as an accent.

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In addition to the unique color approach, the watches are popular because of how comfortable they are to wear. Both slim and light, they feel almost like you’re not wearing a watch at all. The watches measure 39mm x 5mm. Rado employs an ETA 282.002 quartz movement with 13 jewels. The watches are water resistant to 30 meters. Because they are ceramic, the watches age well, neither losing their color nor picking up unsightly scratches.

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Rado has priced the watches at $2,100 a piece or $18,500 for the full set of nine. Only 999 examples of each color will be made, but they will be available worldwide.

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