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Longines monochromatic

Longines Dresses Two of its Most Popular Lines in Monochromatic Hues

“Elegance is an attitude” is the mantra over at Longines and they’re putting that mantra to use. The legendary Swiss watchmaker has updated two of its most iconic lines—DolceVita and La Grande Classique de Longines—and just in time for Mother’s Day. Already synonymous with a bold design language, each model takes on a new tier of expressive purity by way of its monochromatic dial colour and matching strap. For Longines, these are veritable head-turners and immediate style statements, the kind of which eschew superfluous detail in favour of a minimalist layout and signature hue. Rarely does a women’s watch impart such a palpable presence as it does here.

La grande classique de longines black

Image: Longines

Longines DolceVita

First introduced in 1997, the Longines DolceVita remains a perennial signifier of the “sweet life” (hence the name). The latest models continue a tradition of contemporary elegance whilst staying true to their playful underpinnings. Perched within each rectangular case and its rhodium-plated rim is a bold monochromatic dial with a small seconds display. Offering the best in comfort, style, and performance, these watches go beyond wristwear to become an extension of one’s high-end wardrobe.

La grande classique de longines classic black

Image: Longines

La Grande Classique de Longines

One of Longines’ most iconic lines, La Grande Classique de Longines reaps massive impressions out of careful details and a compact design. Measuring just 29mm, each watch features a polished lacquered dial and diamond-studded bezel. With the new colour-themed makeover comes an elevated tier of style and purity, making these pieces as fresh and relevant as ever before. And so a heritage of prime elegance continues.

La grande classique de longines green

Image: Longines

New Monochromatic Colours

The latest Longines DolceVita and La Grande Classique de Longines family members will be available in these five signature colourways:

  • Spring Green – This vibrant hue has never been more popular than it is right now.
  • Carmine Red – When only the most striking colour will suffice, look no further than this one.
  • Classic Black – Trends and traditions may change, but black is always the new black.
  • Burnt Orange – This unique colour signifies warmth and friendliness, amongst other things.
  • Cobalt Blue – Forever pleasing to the eye, this colour celebrates inner harmony.

With the new Longines releases, monochromatic colour bursts to life on the dial and matching strap. The resulting timepieces take on a serious attitude and dimension, symbolising mood and emotion whilst bolstering one’s dressy ensemble. At the same time, an underlying sense of playfulness persists. Longines’ latest goes out to the ladies and arrives just in time for Mother’s Day. Add a little spice to the life of your loved one.

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La grande classique de longines cobalt blue

Image: Longines

La grande classique de longines carmine red

Image: Longines

La grande classique de longines burntorange

Image: Longines

La grande classique de longines spring green

Image: Longines

Longines dolcevita red

Image: Longines

Longines dolcevita blue

Image: Longines

Longines dolcevita green

Image: Longines

Longines dolcevita orange

Image: Longines


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