Matrix Industries PowerWatch X is out to Get Neo

Do you remember the premise behind the Keanu Reeves trilogy The Matrix? After machines take over the world, they use humans as power sources.

matrix powermatch wrist

Such an idea may have seemed farfetched, but that was before Matrix Industries—appropriately named—introduced the PowerWatch X.

front view power watch

The PowerWatch X doesn’t use batteries for power. Nor is it a mechanical watch. Instead, the PowerWatch X uses your body heat to power its function. Using a thermoelectric technology, the watch harvests your heat and turns it into usable energy.

Matrix Industries PowerWatch X

It also uses solar-cell technology–this watch literally runs off of no battery whatsoever—other than you, of course.

And it does a lot.

matrix in man's hand

Not only does it tell you what time it is, but it also accurately measures your heart rate, steps, and calories. And it has a built-in GPS that maps your routes and records your workout intensity—including time, calories, heart rate and more, and it uses different colours for each of the functions.

power watch matrix industries

The PowerWatch is also tough. Made of aircraft-grade aluminium with a hardened glass face, and water resistant up to 660 feet, the watch is up to any activity you can imagine. All the information it gathers gets sent back to your iOS or Android Device.

matrix power watch side view

You may not have to choose between a red or blue pill, but Matrix Industries is providing you everything you need in a watch without batteries.

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