MB&F x L’Epee Medusa Clock

When you first look at the MB&F and L’Epee collaboration, you don’t immediately think “Medusa.” First impressions first bring to mind a jellyfish. That look is mainly due to the hand-blown Murano glass dome. The dome is transparent, much like a jellyfish, and allows you to see the inner workings of the clock.

pink medusa clock

Those workings were designed to resemble the neural network of a jellyfish and reveal two rotating rings. One of the rings displays the hours while the other shows the minutes. A single fixed indicator marks the time. Of course, setting the time posed a particularly interesting challenge as the clock is enclosed in the glass case. The solution was to create a propeller crown-like extension that extends from the bottom of the glass dome.

By turning the crown clockwise, you can set the clock. Turning it counter clockwise winds it.

green medusa clock

The clock can be hung from the ceiling using hanging glass jellyfish tentacles, or you can place it on a desk using five metal arches. Just as jellyfish glow in the dark, the Super-Luminova coated numerals glow, making the entire clock more closely resemble the sea creature. Medusa comes in blue, green, or pink and is limited to three editions of 50 pieces.

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medusa clock