MeisterSinger Single-Handedly Takes On Australian Watch Market

It’s not news that we at Man of Many love a tasty wristwatch – heck, it’s one of our favourite topics both in the office and on the site, and we all agree that the best wristwatch is one that either tells a story or has character unique to the wearer’s personality. It doesn’t have to be the most flashy or ostentatious piece you can find to flaunt on your wrist, just one that suits you (and hopefully your outfit). German watchmaker MeisterSinger understands this and has already forged a path as a standout producer of unique timepieces, most famously for the single-hand simplicity of their designs. After seeing these in person, the refined faces of these watches certainly resonated with us and even more-so after we learned of their history.

The basis of their iconic design stems from medieval tower clocks, which never had minute hands due to their simplistic movements. While the technology in such huge timepieces obviously improved with time (heh), the appealing simplicity of a single hand, slowly making its way around a perfectly-marked dial wasn’t lost on Manfred Brassler founder of MeisterSinger, who in 2001, decided to make his vision for a single-handed mechanical wristwatch a reality, when he started the company in Münster, Germany (though like all great timepieces, they’re manufactured in Switzerland).

meistersinger watches silver color with leather strap

16 years on and the watchmaker has gone from strength to strength, with fans in Europe and abroad agreeing that sometimes one hand is better than three, and that the laidback stylings of MeisterSinger are a great way to simplify things – it’s not about worrying yourself with minutes or seconds, but about relaxing; being in the moment. Now with thanks to watch import giant Lion Brands, they’re here in Australia.

To celebrate their entry into the Australian and New Zealand marketplace, MeisterSinger made a limited edition run of ten “Sydney” watches (see above). A super limited release, this hand-wound rarity has a 48-hour power reserve and a glass case back which shows off the intricate engravings of the Sydney skyline, Opera House and all. It comes at an RRP of AU$2,250, but cool your jets – these look to be already sold out (surprise, surprise). In lieu of a Sydney Watch from the iconic German horologists, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite models from the current collection for you. Enjoy.

meistersinger neoplus automatic 408

MeisterSinger NeoPlus Automatic 408

Simple and symmetrical with a small date window at the bottom of the 40mm dial, a huge range of colour options and a 38 hour power reserve. RRP AU$1795.

See it here


meistersinger salthora meta x automatic 908

MeisterSinger Salthora Meta X Automatic 908

The closest the German designed, Swiss manufactured watch co have come to making a diver’s watch – this partners the precise simplicity of the single-hand with a 200m water resistance. RRP AU$4,000

See it here

For customer enquiries, contact Lion Brands direct on (03) 9572 9820

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