nixon's talking dork too watch

Nixon’s Talking Dork Too Watch has the Persona of an Answering Machine

We are far enough into the future that 90’s technology can be revered for paving the way into 2019, and not be dismissed as incredibly lame. Take Nixon’s upcoming Dork Too watch. It sports the lines and persona of an old-school answering machine. Don’t know about you, but whenever I hear answering machine, I immediately go to George Costanza’s answering machine message. “Believe it or not George isn’t at home…”

Nixon’s Dork Too watch has no face, only a speaker and button. Dork speaks the time when the button is pressed and throws out unexpected sounds to keep you smiling throughout the day.

The case is custom-designed stainless steel with a hardened mineral crystal finish. Inside, a custom digital LCD module dictates the time of day. Other features include date, alarm and EL backlight. A micro-USB port is fitted into the side for charging.

The Dork Too from Nixon provides a sure-fire hit of nostalgia on a daily basis, or a simplified time-keeping escape for anyone looking for a break from smart technology.

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nixon dork too in silver

nixon dork too in black

nixon dork too in gold