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Nordgreen pioneer black dial 2

Nordgreen is Denmark’s Fastest-Growing Designer Watch Company

The fastest-growing Danish designer watch company is also one of the best in recent memory. It goes by the name of Nordgreen and it’s continuing to expand at a breakneck rate, currently selling watches to over 100 countries across the globe. Behind these clean and affordable timepieces is former Bang & Olufsen designer Jakob Wagner, who underpins his minimalist aesthetics with unique philosophical perspectives. While purposefully simplistic, each model delivers no shortage of clever detail and profound meaning. In other words: this is Scandinavian design done right.

Nordgreen pioneer black dial 1

Image: Nordgreen

Not only does Nordgreen excel in terms of craftsmanship and value, but the company retains a very strong focus on sustainability and responsibility. For example, the packaging is fully sustainable by way of FSC-certified paper, while the inside of each box uses a felt material (consisting of reused plastic bottles) in lieu of foam. What’s more, the brand partakes in a Giving Back Programme, allowing customers to donate to one of three causes as part of the actual purchase price. Between the ethical commitments and stellar designs, it’s no wonder that Nordgreen is growing so steadily.

Keeping that momentum alive—if not cranking the dial up a notch—is Nordgreen’s recent take on the chronograph. Dubbed the Pioneer, it celebrates the Danish tradition of science for humanity, which aims to create positive change and work toward a greener future. As you may or may not be aware, Denmark is a pioneer in the advancement of green technology, with hopes of driving similar developments across the globe. Hence, one Pioneer is paying tribute to another and the results are extraordinary.

Nordgreen pioneer black dial 3

Image: Nordgreen

Like so much of Nordgreen’s output, the Pioneer is brilliant in its stark simplicity and subtle innovation. Bearing the hallmarks of a classic chronograph, it puts a resoundingly clean dial face with two sub-dials and a date window under a dome of sapphire crystal. Surrounding is a prime case of pure stainless steel with round and softened edges. The dials and cases come in a modest variety of handsome colours, the straps are interchangeable, and the prices are unbeatable.

To take a closer look at the Pioneer is to discover the choice details and philosophical references that have made Nordgreen such a wildly successful brand. For instance, the clean minimalist dial face represents the sustainable environment that we all strive to live in. Along similar lines, the red tips on the respective second and minute hands make direct reference to Denmark’s famous wind turbines, providing yet another reminder of the bond between Nordgreen and its sustainable outlook. Symbolism and values aside, it’s also just a terrific watch.

Nordgreen pioneer black dial 4

Image: Nordgreen

Denmark is a country preceded by centuries of innovation and design philosophy. With help from Jakob Wagner, Nordgreen channels that same Danish history to create something new and unique. The clean dial faces, premium mechanics, and ingenious details make each model an instant stunner. Bring in the underlying principles and affordable price points and you end up with timepieces that are simply too good to refuse. And now you know why Nordgreen has become Denmark’s fastest-growing designer watch company.

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