Ressence Watches Type 2 Represents Tradition and Technology

What if you could trust and rely on your mechanical watch as much as you do your phone? That was the question that Ressence Watches set out to answer when they started developing the e-Crown. Featured on their Type 2 watches, the e-Crown automatically sets and adjusts your watch to the right time when needed.

e-Crown allows the watch to self-adjust to new time zones, be set by a smartphone, or reset after the power reserve has run out. No more messing with tiny dials; just tap the crystal and e-Crown will reset itself.

side view watch in man's hand

Not that the Type 2 needs something to be a standout watch on its own. The Type 2 uses a New Concept Movement with ROCS to display hours, minutes, and seconds. It also has a mode selector.

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Powered by an automatic movement, the e-Crown feature comes with an app; connecting via Bluetooth, you can select from a list of cities to choose for the time zones that will be sent to the crown.

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When travelling, you can set two time zones—one for home and one for your destination.

While the movement is mechanical, the e-Crown needs some form of electrical power, which comes from photovoltaic cells hidden behind 10 microshutters on the dial. Pretty neat.

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Ressence’s Type 2 watch is a marvel of technology and tradition, combining both mechanical and digital features for a reliable timekeeper.

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