The Sequent Self-Charging Smartwatch is a Game Changer

We love everything about smart technology – except for its battery life. That’s where Sequent comes in. Sequent is the revolutionary “Supercharger” smartwatch designed with a kinetic self-charging battery system that provides infinite power. Not only does Sequent solve a major problem of the smartwatch industry, but it’s also good for the environment by generating 100% clean energy. The only catch is you have to keep moving.

sequent self smartwatch wearing in the hand

Based on traditional Swiss automatic watch movement, Sequent transforms the kinetic energy from your body into electrical energy to power the smartwatch. Physical exercise is an essential part of mental and psychological well-being, it’s also essential for Sequent. The more you move, the more you charge the watch. If you take some time off from your workout routine, Sequent will switch to a time mode to avoid you having a useless wearable on your wrist.

sequent self smartwatch heart rate sensor

Like all good smartwatches, Sequent features the newest generation of Heart Rate sensor, GPS tracking and notification system, which can connect by Bluetooth to the proprietary Biofeedback health & sports app. The watch combines the very best of classic Swiss watch design with futuristic technology that results in a stylish, timeless aesthetic. It’s built from hi-grade materials that guarantee quality and durability and is available in various colours and strap designs.

sequent self smartwatch back side

The Swiss designers behind Sequent are currently campaigning via Kickstarter to fund the innovative timepiece. By supporting the campaign, you will have access to several limited edition watch designs and can also secure a watch from US $149 which is around half of what they will go for when sold at retail in 2018.

Sequent is the only smartwatch that helps both you and the environment at the same time. It’s win-win.

Check it out

sequent self smartwatch blue color with leather strap sequent self smartwatch black color sequent self blue color all smartwatch  sequent self black and white smartwatch  sequent self  smartwatch crystal display

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