Singer Reimagined Displays Ingenuity in Emirates Edition

Singer Reimagined is opening up its fifth edition of the Singer Track with a watch that is headed for the Emirates. This time around, the watch is a study in contrasts, starting with the sporting character and the touches of luxury.

Singer Reimagined Track 1 emirates edition

The 43mm case is ceramic aluminum, so it can take a beating and it won’t show scratches or dents. It also stays lightweight, making it more enjoyable to wear. The first contrast that you’ll notice with the watch is the matte finishing combined with the polished golden titanium details. The black and gold combination makes it easier to read while also calling even more attention to the details of the watch. Unlike other watches where the central portion of the watch is used to mark the hours and minutes, for the Track 1 Emirates Edition, the hours and minutes are on the periphery of the dial. An index at 6 o’clock marks the time as the hours and minutes rotate underneath it. The central portion of the watch, which is done in khaki green displays the chronograph function. That khaki green was the choice of designer Marco Borraccino. A favorite color for Borraccino, the khaki green also serves to enhance the golden details, such as the rehaut that surrounds the chronograph dial. Start and stop pushers are located on either side of the case to make operating the chronograph easier.

Singer Reimagined Track side view

The processes used to make the watch are just as interesting as the watch itself. To get the ceramic aluminum finish, the watch is subjected to an oxidation process using an electro-plasma technique. The process transforms the upper layer of the aluminum into ceramic. The golden finish on the components of the watch is also subjected to a special process called ZrN treatment. This treatment not only gives the titanium a gold color, but also improves its resistance to wear.

Singer Reimagined Track strap

Singer Reimagined sums up this fifth edition of the Track 1 stating, “This groundbreaking time piece of mechanical ingenuity is radically different from anything that has come before it.”

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