Singer Track1 is a $60k Adrenaline-Infused Stopwatch

After 10 years of development, Singer Reimagined has finally unveiled the third version of its Track1 wristwatch/ stopwatch. The Hong Kong Edition adrenaline-infused timepiece arrives in September ‘18 with a price tag just over AUD $60k.

Track1 Hong Kong Edition is encased in high-performance ceramic-aluminium and clad in black and powerful orange accents. It Combines obsessive attention to detail with a love for the iconic sports watches of the 1960s and 1970s and backed by sophisticated movement.

Ceramic-aluminium is created through an electro-plasma oxidation process. This advanced material offers excellent scratch, wear and corrosion resistance and is light enough to provide maximum comfort.

singer track 1 hong kong edition and strap

The advanced AgenGraphe movement brings all functions together in the centre of the watch, allowing for easy and intuitive reading. The time of day is presented around the periphery of the dial by the small pointer at 6 o’clock, floating just above 2 rotating discs. To further enhance its legibility, the chronograph incorporates jumping minute and hour indicators.

The 43mm barrel-shaped case has sleek lines and smooth surfaces. The crown and pushes are fashioned out of grade 5 titanium and are located on either side of the case. Their surface is treated with a deep black coating providing superior resistance and all-around good looks. The dial-side rotor leaves an unimpeded view of the movement and its 477 meticulously hand-finished parts.

The Singer Reimagined Track1 Hong Kong edition is limited to just 50 examples and is now available to pre-order for a September 2018 release. It’s a pricey watch, coming in at AUD $60,772, give or take a change in the value of the Australian dollar.

Check it out

adrenaline infused stopwatch crown

singer track 1 hong kong edition case back

singer track 1 hong kong edition front

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