Strapped for Any Occasion – Da Luca Watch Straps

Like a mighty flower, DA LUCA started as a seed in 2009 and quickly blossomed. In the beginning their goal was simple: manufacture straps exclusively for watch maker Panerai. Reception was strong and sales were good so DA LUCA grew, expanding their team and even dipping their toes into new territory like wallets and belts. Now they’re a full-blown brand simply killing it with artisanal straps and other custom-made goods, that initial DNA of quality craftsmanship and responsive customer service still driving every aspect of their operation.

da luca watch leather straps

DA LUCA is the epitome of modern craft. Each strap and accessory is made by hand in a San Diego workshop. If you’re picturing a dude with a beard spreading a leather canvas over a wooden table before getting to work with a blade, needle and thread then you’re right on the money. Upon completion of each accessory DA LUCA exhibits the result in a local showroom so guests can touch and see it in person.

da luca watch red leather straps

Being you probably don’t live anywhere close to the showroom, you can still buy DA LUCA’s products online. Here are a few highlights from the brand’s stellar portfolio of custom-made goods:

da luca watch blue leather straps

Leather Watch Strap

The benchmark product from DA LUCA is their leather watch strap. The strap keeps things simple and superb by using quality leather sourced from premier tanneries like the Horween Tannery in Chicago. Picture a smooth slab of single-stitched premium leather with a brushed buckle attached to it and that’s more or less the gist of the DA LUCA leather watch strap. Tossing a little necessary customisation into the mix are choices like thickness, colour, width and length.

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shell cordovan watch strap

Shell Cordovan Watch Strap

Sourced from some of the best tanneries in the world such as Italy’s Rocado Tannery and Japan’s Shinku Hikaku (and again Chicago’s Horween Tannery), the Shell Cordovan Watch Strap is another entry that lets the leather do most of the talking, and in this case that’s a lot of talking. Shell Cordovan Leather is a true top-shelf material made by hand over the course of six months. Resulting from such a meticulous process is durability that lasts for years and striking colours so rare and unique they aren’t always available–colours like Horween Cigar, Shinki Hikaku Red, and Rocado Racing Green.

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handmade lizard watch strap

Handmade Lizard Watch Strap

Lizard skin is in. Get your reptilian vibe going with these 100% Lizard Skin Watch Straps. They’re available in 9 eye-catching colours and vary in terms of width, length, stitching, edge coating colour, stitching colour. Go full Lizard King by pairing your strap with one of DA LUCA’s awesome handmade lizard skin belts.

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vintage french ammo nato watch strap

Vintage French Ammo NATO Watch Strap

Nothing says interchangeable watch strap quite like the word “NATO”. DA LUCA proudly flaunts some vintage flair with their custom-made French Ammo NATO Leather Watch Strap. Each one uses French ammunition pouches from the 1960s as the source and keeps some of those initial scars intact, meaning authentic markings and old stitching holes should be expected depending on which strap you choose. These beauties are rare and selling fast so get one while you still can.

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