TAG Heuer x Calibre 11 Release Jo Siffert Collector’s Edition Autavia Watch

Racing legend Jo Siffert was among the first Formula 1 drivers to be sponsored by a watch company. That company was TAG Heuer, and one of the models they gave Siffert was a white, black and blue Autavia 1163T, also known as the “Siffert Autavia”. In honour of both the incredible driver and that historic partnership, TAG Heuer (in collaboration with Calibre 11) has released the Jo Siffert Collector’s Edition Autavia. Limited to a mere 100 individually numbered pieces, the striking watch takes design cues from the 1163T as well as the TAG Heuer 3-register 73633 Autavia. The result is an updated vintage classic simply dripping with modern allure.

tag heuer watch on the leather

Needless to say, the Jo Siffert Collector’s Edition Autavia is a genuine pleasure to behold. Within the borders of the 42mm polished steel case is an opaline white dial along with three black sub-dials and blue markers. It’s a timeless colour contrast, and one justifiably cherished among TAG Heuer collectors. Turn the case over to find Jo Siffert’s signature on a window of scratch-resistant crystal sapphire with anti-reflective coating. At the heart of the timepiece is a Heuer 02 Manufacture automatic chronograph with an 80-hour power reserve.

tag heuer watch white color

For the finishing touch, TAG Heuer and Calibre 11 equipped the Jo Siffert Collector’s Edition Autavia with a bidirectional turning bezel. It hosts a black aluminium insert and utilises the same markings found on the Autavia 73633. Put it all together and you get the stuff that horological dreams are made of. Get this limited edition stunner before it’s gone.

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tag heuer watch sub dials

tag heuer watch on the table

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