Taylor Stitch Vintage Watch Collection Has its Regrets

Sounds like Taylor Stitch has some regrets, the biggest of which appears to deal with former team member Kazu. Back in 2014, Taylor Stitch did a watch pop up with Ben from Hodinkee. Kazu was in attendance and quickly fell in love with vintage watches. “He dove down the rabbit hole,” reports Taylor Stitch, “learning everything he could about vintage watches, specifically Rolex, and there are few people I’ve met who possess the knowledge he does.” Kazu is now the proprietor of Lancy Aire, where he curates a vintage watch collection in conjunction with Taylor Stitch.

The collection runs through a whole range of classic watches that would make a fine addition to any wardrobe. So far, the collection includes the 1969 Omega Speedmaster Tropical. The Speedmaster was the watch worn by Buzz Aldrin on the Apollo II mission, where it earned the title “moon watch.” This watch sports a “tropical dial” thanks to years of accruing time in the sun and achieving a rich patina from tropical climates. Next in the collection is the 1972 Rolex GMT Master 1675 Mark 2. (Marlon Brando wore a Rolex 1675 in Apocalypse Now. The watch in the Taylor Stitch collection features the classic Pepsi coloring. The third watch in the collection is a Cyma WWW Dirty Dozen. The Cyma was manufactured for the British Military of Defense and comes with a 38mm stainless steel case and a wider bezel to make it more useful in combat situations. The final watch is a Rolex Submariner 5513 Meters First, dubbed the “McQueen” watch. Steve McQueen was fond of Rolex watches, reportedly wearing a 5512 and gifting a 5513 to his favorite stuntman. He wore a Rolex Sub in the movie Le Mans. With the Rolex Submariner 5513 being the quintessential Rolex, it’s only fitting to nickname it after one of the watch’s most famous fans.

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