The Bell & Ross BR03-92 FULL LUM is Brighter Than a Christmas Tree

Christmas is all about lighting things up. From the tree in the living room to the asshole next door who draws enough power from the grid for his front-yard display to take out a small coral reef; the night sky above Santa’s home in the North Pole’s beautiful Aurora Borealis, to uncle Alfie, who gets a little too lit every year, it is, indisputably, a time to turn things up a notch.

Enter Bell & Ross, everybody’s favourite Swiss-made French watch company, whose pieces vary from the understated and elegant to the outright ostentatious. To celebrate this year’s yuletide, the brand has released a watch so simple yet over-the-top it needs to be seen to be believed.

But to properly see it, you’ll have to kill the lights.

The BR03-92 FULL LUM is Bell & Ross’ tongue-in-cheek take on how watch companies use luminous material to make their timepieces visible in the dark, and it looks absolutely stunning. Using SuperLuminova C3–the most resistant, intense and innovative variant from the SuperLuminova materials on offer, Bell & Ross has flipped the norm, and made the entire dial and strap highly luminous, with the logo, hands and number markers blacked-out, for a glow-in-the-dark timepiece like no other.

During the day, it looks like a slightly off-white BR 03-92. But in the dark, the watch comes to life, with the lime-green SuperLuminor transforming the piece into something no other company has achieved. To do this, Bell & Ross incorporated the luminous pigments in with the material for the strap, which was then hot-moulded and pressed to form something unique and exciting.

But here’s the REALLY exciting part. Not only will these watches be an extremely exclusive run (just 250 pieces), and only available from Bell & Ross boutiques (and e-boutiques), you’ll only be able to get your hot little hands on one if you win a lottery, to be determined on the 22nd of November (yes, just one week from now).

The lottery went live the same time as this article did, so if you’re reading this there’s a good chance you’ll still have time to enter. Winners will be contacted shortly after the drawing, when they’ll be invited to purchase this extremely sexy piece of horological excellence. Hit that link below and good luck.

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