The Di-fuse Smartwatch Eschews the Screen

Designer Thomas Le has come up with a new smartwatch, one that eschews screen-based displays. Instead the Di-fuse watch uses a combination of sound and light to share the information you need. Without a screen, the watch is a completely unique addition to your accessories. Looking like a black bracelet, it has an elegant form that doesn’t distract from what you’re wearing the way that many smartwatches, with their big and flashy screens, can.

As for functionality, the Di-fuse Smartwatch can be used for just about all the same functions that other watches can. You can use the watch to receive notifications—whether those be from social media or from navigation. The watch uses either vibrations for notifications, such as when to turn, or a flashing light with optional audio clues for more detailed directions.

You can also speak to Di-fuse and get your questions answered. The creative brief shows a runner asking for an update on how far she has run, and Di-fuse answers with the needed information as well as a bit of encouragement. Di-fuse could also be used as a tap-pay system for tolls or other purchases. Finally, the smartwatch would also have GPS and activity tracking capabilities.

Di Fuse Smart Watch

The watch itself is designed to come with multiple straps. By clicking the unit out of its lug, it can then be added to other bands to change up its style. One of the proposed housings is a clever band that uses hooks inspired by bicycle handlebars.

Using haptic and audio feedback rather than the traditional visual is an innovative approach that has plenty of potential. The understated design leaves plenty of options as well, making the watch perfect for the gym or for more formal situations. And without the distracting qualities of a smart screen, the Di-fuse watch lets you focus on what matters most—the moment you are in.

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