Timex Doesn’t Need Innovation with its Q Watch

The ‘70s changed the watch world with the introduction of quartz movements. Unlike competitors that had to sell off to other companies, Timex stayed firm—but it had to adapt, and that’s where the Timex Q came in. The Q was the first quartz watch from Timex and was first released in 1972. In 1979, the Q further showed the influence of the ‘70s with its woven stainless steel bracelet, a squared off case that was also bevelled, and a GMT Master-inspired, ratchet-less bezel that rotates in both directions.

timex watch wrist

So why talk about a watch that came out 40 years ago? Because Timex re-released the Q design again, and it’s just as cool now as it was then. According to Timex designer Giorgio Galli, the re-release of the design is meant to introduce new watch wearers and collectors to what Timex used to be. Timex for a long time was a way for people to get into designer watches affordably, and that hasn’t changed.

The new Q is priced an affordable USD$179. It features the Pepsi red and blue colour scheme. Other details of the watch are the same as the original, including the screw in battery hatch. The case, much like the woven bracelet, is stainless steel and has a 38mm diameter. It uses a PC33 caliber from Seiko and displays time, date, and day of the week in either English or Spanish.

front timex watch

Timex has always been an affordable high quality watch, so why change it? Fortunately, Timex didn’t.

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hand view time watch

back of the timex watch