TRIWA and Humanium Metal 2.0 Watches Made from Illegal Firearms

There are a lot of ways that you can make a statement. The TRIWA X Humanium Metal 2.0 watch is one of the more unique ways of doing so. With the message that it’s time for peace, the watch is made from the world’s most valuable metal: Humanium Metal—a metal forged from destructed illegal arms.

Every minute someone is shot by a firearm. TRIWA has been fighting to change that. Three years ago, they partnered with IM, Swedish Development Partner, a non-profit organization. That partnership led to the creation of the first TRIWA X Humanium Metal watch. This new version, version 2.0, has an even bigger goal in mind. In the first campaign, IM produced 1.5 tons of Humanium Metal from illegal guns gathered in 2016 from El Salvador. That accounts for 4,500 illegal firearms being destroyed. This time, the goal is to create even more Humanium by destroying even more illegal firearms, thus bringing about more peace and safety.

Triwa X Humanium Metal side view

The watches made from Humanium come in several different styles, making up the 2.0 collection. Each watch in the collection comes with a certificate of authenticity. The Hu39 Chrono features a Citizen-Miyota JS00 chronograph movement with a 30 min/sec stopwatch function and 24-hour timing. Chrono is available in both classic and slate dials. The Hu39 Swiss is powered by a Ronda Swiss movement and is also available in both slate and classic. The Hu39 Automatic comes in slate grey and features a Miyota automatic movement with 24 jewels and a 48-hour running time. The automatic also comes in a limited edition Gold version, which will consist of only 50 pieces. The gold edition comes with a transparent glass back plate so that you can see the automatic movement in motion. The Hu39 and Hu34 Classic is the new production model and is the more cost-effective model. Each watch is available for a different pledge amount through TRIWA’s Kickstarter campaign. With a simple pledge, you can make a statement that it is time for peace.

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Triwa X Humanium Metal watch in a box