Tudor Black Bay Bronze Plays into History

Bronze has played an important role in history. An entire age of our past was named after the metal. Now, a new addition to the successful and popular Tudor Black Bay line of diver’s watches has also donned the name—and the metal. Black Bay Bronze builds on that line, in some ways quite literally.

For starters, other Black Bay models come in at 41mm, while Bronze measures 43. With that extra 2mm comes a bit more heft; Bronze ways a full 16 grams more than other models. Tudor also added numerals at 3, 6, and 9, but kept the triangle marker at 12.

black bay bronze watch

Inside the Bronze watch runs the Tudor caliber MT5601. This particular movement has a reputation for accuracy and durability. It also has a balance bridge in place of the balance cock, which results in improved resistance to shock. Bronze also features a silicon balance spring and a free-sprung adjustable mass balance. As for power reserve, Bronze comes in with 70 hours.

tudor strap

For looks, of course you’ll notice the bronze—and you’ll keep noticing it. Bronze oxidizes over time, creating a patina, which is affected not only by the type of bronze used, but also atmospheric conditions. All of that means that the Black Bay Bronze will be completely unique to you, with no two being exactly alike. The watch comes with a leather or fabric strap.

Tudor Black Bay

Black Bay Bronze will be an important addition to your personal history, just like bronze was to human history.

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